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There are many bullet resistant doors we can offer with many different bullet resistant frame options. Solid core doors are finished in plastic laminate and paint or stain grade veneer. View windows are optional. All Clear door made from UL-752 Acrylic or Polycarbonate in level 1 – 3. Full lite aluminum stile and rail protection levels 1 – 8.

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In a world filled with ever-increasing security needs, National Bullet Proof, Inc. (NBP) can help you achieve your security goals.We manufacture, service and install a variety of UL® listed bullet-resistant and security glazing products for use in retail, commercial, private and governmental applications.

Bulletproof Doors vs. Ballistic Doors: What's the Difference?

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Bulletproof Doors There is no such thing as a bulletproof door. When companies advertise bulletproof doors, what they actually should be saying is bullet-resistant doors. This is because, no matter how strong a door is, it can eventually be penetrated by some type or quantity of ballistic rounds.

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Bullet Resistant Doors GSS-Doors offers a full line of standard and custom designed bullet resistant doors and frames with wood cladding to match your existing interior and exterior doors. Fortress FE/15 Rated Decorative Doors & Frames UL 752 Levels 3 & 8 Decorative BR glass door with multi-point locking.

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Since doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building when it comes to security, we often opt to install "bulletproof" doors for added protection against theft or ballistic attack. While the term "bullet proof" is a common way to …

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Door and Window Systems Overly's Bullet-Resistant Door and Window Systems provide a superior level of protection for the most demanding applications. With over 50 years experience designing and manufacturing bullet-resistant products, we have the experience it takes to ensure the safety of your personnel or property from direct arms fire.

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Bullet Proof Doors. JSC Munitus together with our US partner Shield Security Doors LTD successfully performed ballistic resistance (BR) tests in the US prestigious test laboratory NTS-Chesapeake.. We tested two of our bullet-proof door models: Munitus FE5 FB4 (Forced Entry Resistant 5 min) (RC3) Munitus FE15 FB6 (Forced Entry Resistant 15 min) (RC4). Ballistic …

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Vulcan Bullet Proof doors are exceptionally strong, enabling them to withstand heavy impact, including bullets. The doors look like regular doors, can be installed in an hour and they have a unique locking mechanism. Vulcan bullet proof doors are reliable and will stop a high capacity round and will stop an assault weapon.

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North American Bullet Proof. North American Bullet Proof manufactures the WDR Series bullet resistant wood doors for applications where both ballistic integrity and aesthetics are paramount. Our in-house mill workers are able to match size and style of doors to insure a visual match of the ballistic doors to the non-ballistic doors.

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UL 752. AMBICO bullet resistant wood doors and steel frames combine ballistic security with the appearance of standard door and frame products. Our complete range of bullet resistant doors are readily available and can be furnished with factory-installed bullet resistant glazing. UL Levels One through Three protect against a variety of small ...

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North American Bullet Proof. NABP recognizes the need for a heavy-duty security/bullet resistant steel door. All of our SDR series doors have a structural steel internal framework and minimum 10 gage door skins. These high performance blast resistant doors are available in all U.L. and N.I.J. performance levels.

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Bullet-Resistant Wood Doors. Overly Wood Bullet-Resistant Door assemblies have been tested in accordance with UL Standard for Safety 752 at Underwriters Laboratories in Northbrook, IL for weapons protection 1-3 and are designed to be hung in our UL-listed metal bullet-resistant framing systems. If your project calls for UL Levels of protection ...

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Bullet Proof Doorz offers custom American made sliding security doors engineered to fit many applications. We offer these doors in NIJ, U.L., and Blast resistant ratings. From Industrial, Military, and high secure corporate facilities we have you covered.

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Ballistic Door Panels. Pro-gard's Level IIIA Ballistic Door Panels give officers added protection from open fire while in their vehicles. Our expert design optimizes the coverage area for each unique make and model. The weatherproof panels are made for both driver and passenger side doors and are easy to upfit with no vehicle modifications.

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Bulletproof glass features can be incorporated into our entry doors which protect against anything from an axe to an AR-15. Fully custom sizing and placement. Milled Wood Our bulletproof entrances are clad to match architectural styles of the home, including historically protected facades. Solid or engineered wood is custom milled to client specs.

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For more information about each of the doors systems offered by Insulgard, read our product data sheets below, or contact Insulgard to learn more. Products More info 44/350 Architectural Aluminum Door System (Bullet Resistant) UL 752 Level 1 …

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Blast-Resistant Doors from Armortex. Armortex® provides blast- and bullet-resistant doors that can be modified to specific user requirements. If you would like to learn more about our security doors and bulletproof solutions, please contact a member of our team and we will be in …

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Armortex® supplies a selective range of wooden security doors rated through Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards 1—8. Comprising a veneered particleboard with an internal fiberglass core and a choice of inlaid ballistic-resistant windows, our bullet resistant doors are primed to meet the threats facing businesses in a wide range of markets.

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U.S. Bullet Proofing offers a premium range of bullet proof doors that provide exceptional levels of security and safety. Our swinging and sliding bullet proof doors are manufactured from aluminum and can be custom fitted with a number of glass and hardware options.

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Bullet-Resistant Steel Doors. An all steel, bullet-resistant protective barrier, hung on a steel frame. It comes prime painted gray in 16ga cold rolled steel. It's designed to defeat ballistic assaults in accordance with UL Standard 752, levels 1-8. Available door sizes come in 3/0 x 7/0, 6/0 x 7/0 double doors with other sizes available upon ...

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Looking for where to buy Bullet Proof Doors in Nigeria? Then Iyk Bethany Group Security Doors is the place. Our Bulletproof doors come in a wide array of styles, materials, and can be matched to fit your building's aesthetic.

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Metaltek Fabricating, Inc. & Chicago Bullet Proof Systems. 2595 Bond Street, University Park, IL 60484 US (708) 534-9102

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Our security doors have been freighted to Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and Asia. Bullet Resistant Vision Panels . Where there is a need to have clear vision through the door we can supply bullet resistant Vision Panels to match the ballistic integrity of the door, any size of configuration is possible, here we show the most popular designs.

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Vulcan Bullet Proof doors are exceptionally strong, enabling them to withstand heavy impact, including bullets. The doors look like regular doors, can be installed in an hour and they have a unique locking mechanism. Vulcan bullet proof doors are reliable and will stop a high capacity round and will stop an assault weapon.

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Our bullet resistant doors offer scalable security in a manner that the general public won't think twice about. Available in three protection levels (1, 2, and 3) as determined by Underwriters Laboratory (UL 752), Oshkosh Door Company's …

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Police Ballistic Bulletproof Door Panels by ProGard. Available for Crown Victoria, Caprice, Charger, Impala, Interceptor Sedan, Interceptor SUV, Suburban and Tahoe. Item is sold individually. Pro-gard™ Ballistic Door Panels offer an extra-wide area of protection that requires no vehicle modi?cation. The custom-?t package is rugged yet ...