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Uniforme des Cadets de L'air – Tenues Numerottés. C1. Composition. Occasions. Ceremonial Dress. Tenue de Ceremonie. Wedge, shirt with necktie, jacket, trousers or slacks with belt, boots and grey wool socks. Worn with medals and pins on the jacket. Worn with cloth or embroidered pilot wings on the jacket but not the metal pilot wings.

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YOUR UNIFORM is a visual representation of your commitment to the Core Values. Because uniforms are unique — only CAP cadets wear the CAP cadet uniform — they are a source of pride. Wearing the uniform is part of your leadership training. The uniform helps you develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, and self-respect.

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As a uniform group, discipline and unity could be demonstrated by every member with dressing in a neat and tidy, standardized uniform. There are mainly five types of common uniform for cadets in Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps, including different items. Some of them Details are as follow:,。

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Air force cadet uniform regulations How to wear air cadet uniform. The following fitness standards are in accordance with AFI 36-2905 of 21 October 2013. All information has been verified as of November 2018. Bottom Line Up Front: fitness standards are below. A under 30 years needs to do a minimum of 18 pushups in a minute ...


Personal Clothing System (PCS) Combat Uniform (CU) will be referred to as PCS-MTP throughout this document. CONTENTS 1. General Instructions on Uniform Dress and Appearance 2. Air Cadet Organization Orders of Dress (Male personnel) 3. Air Cadet Organization Orders of Dress ( personnel) 4. Air Cadet Organization Distinguishing …

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Dress Regulations Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions ... The dress and appearance of air cadets in uniform shall, on all occasions, be such to reflect credit to their unit and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The uniform is to be worn only when attending authorized parades or activities. ... Leading Air Cadet (LAC) Props.

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The suggested best practice is for each cadet to obtain an ABU (camouflage) uniform as soon as possible. The approximate cost is $150. Upon completing Achievement 1, CAP provides cadets with a Curry Blues Voucher for the dress "blues" uniform. Again, some articles may be available for free locally. The approximate cost is $150, less a $100 voucher.


Further changes to the Air Cadet Organization Dress Orders will be notified by amendments issued bi-annually or earlier if required. 3. The wearing of military uniform by unauthorised persons is an indictable offence under the Uniforms Act 1894.

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Cadet Oath "I pledge that I will serve faithfully in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, and that I will attend meetings regularly, participate actively in unit activities, obey my officers, wear my uniform properly, and advance my education and training rapidly to prepare myself to be of service to my community, state and nation." CAP Motto

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cadet, airman, non-commissioned officer (NCO) or officer should salute a senior officer when they approach him or her. Officers may salute one another, but enlisted airmen do not salute each other. As a cadet, when in uniform you must salute any officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard.


the uniform you wear is a symbol of that reputation, each cadet in the AFJROTC program at Wando High School must wear it properly. The importance of this cannot be over-emphasized, since the uniform, except for the insignia, rank and patches, is very similar to that worn by active duty Air Force men and women. 1. UNIFORM REQUIREMENETS FOR MALE ...


ORDERS OF DRESS - No 2 (FULL) SERVICE WORKING DRESS UNIFORM – MALE OFFICERS, WO / SNCO (ATC) AND CADETS Short Description and Occasions for Wear Authorised Uniform Items Notes No 2 (Full) Service Working Dress Uniform (No 2 SD) A long sleeve shirt and tie is to be worn with a Jersey. Hat: No 1 SD for officers and RWO / WWOs …


1 General Instructions on Uniform Dress and Appearance 5 – 28 2 Air Cadet Organization Orders of Dress (Male personnel) 29 – 70 3 Air Cadet Organization Orders of Dress ( personnel) 71 – 104 4 Air Cadet Organization Distinguishing Insignia 105 – 142 5 Civilian Instructor and Padre's Orders of Dress (Not complete) 143 – 150

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Uniform and Dress Regulations. ... The Air Cadet Combat Patch (Left) is worn on both the CS95 Smock/Field Jacket and Lightweight Jacket/Shirt. It should be sewn centrally above the right breast pocket with the bottom of the badge touching the top of the pocket. Air Cadet TRF .

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The following is an excerpt regarding deportment from CATO 55-04, the Air Cadet Dress Regulations: Chewing gum, slouching, sauntering, placing hands in pockets, smoking or eating on the street, walking hand in hand, and similar deportment which detracts from a proud and orderly appearance in the eyes of the public is unacceptable for cadets in ...

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Cadet Field Training Uniform. Ref: CATO 55-04 para. E. Cadets are authorized to wear the Cadet Field Training Uniform (colour, olive green) during Squadron Survival Exercises. Headdress (the wedge or blue beret with the Air cadet hat insignia, wide-brimmed tan summer hat or toque) and cadet rank slip-ons shall be worn with the cadet field ...

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CATO 55-04 Annex F - Illustrated References. 1 file (s) 799.46 KB. Download. This package includes boot lacing and tie tying instructions.

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Blue Air Force Uniform (Blues) To complete the uniform, cadets will need to obtain shoes, black socks or hose, and insignia (blue 3-line nametag and enlisted cadet flight cap device) on their own. To do so, contact CAP's vendor, Vanguard, at, telephone 1 …

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CJCR Dress Instructions (2019) A-CR-CCO-100/AG-001 Summary; Air Cadet Uniform – Numbered Orders of Dress

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The following uniforms are authorized for wear by ROTC Cadets. The Army Service Uniform (ASU). a. Cadet-type uniform. Detachments authorized commutation in lieu of uniform may adopt a military uniform of any type or color they desire, provided there is no conflict with any provision of law or regulation. b. Issue type uniform.

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There are many uniform options in the Civil Air Patrol. The most common uniforms cadets wear are: ABU. Blues. PT uniforms (PT uniforms are not standard; each unit has their own solution. Official Air Force PT gear is acceptable or your local squadrons solution) Curry Voucher. Cadets will earn a $100.00 'Curry' voucher to help purchase blues ...

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H. Cadet Uniforms 359 . I. Uniform Items and Accessories 367 . J. Uniform Attachments and Insignia 375 K. Grooming 381 . L. Clubs and Cadet Activities 381 . M. Cadet Accounts 382 . N. Recycling Guidelines 383 . CHAPTER 14 . HOTEL COMPANY DIRECTIVE. 386 . A. Rules of Engagement 386 . B. Role of Hotel Company 386

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Measurement Guide . New cadets: please complete the measurement form so we can order you a uniform (once your registration is completed).. Returning cadets: if you need to exchange uniform parts, complete the measurement form so we can set up a meeting with the supply officer as soon as possible.. Note: Measurement forms will open as pre-filled emails.

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Further changes to the Royal Air Force Air Cadets Dress Orders will be notified by amendments issued bi-annually or earlier if required. 3. The wearing of military uniform by unauthorised persons is an indictable offence under the Uniforms Act 1894. Offenders are liable to arrest when intending to deceive by purporting to be a military person. 4.

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Dress Regulations Air Cadet Dress Regulations CATO-55-04-Annex-A-Dress-Tenue_001 Air Cadet Badge Placement Civilian Clothing All activities conducted in civilian attire (Band, Drill Team, Ground School, etc.) must uphold a positive and professional image of the Squadron and the entire Canadian Cadet Movement. Refusal to abide by the following civilian attire …

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• Uniform items may be purchased through a variety of sources. The official source for CAP insignia and uniforms is Vanguard. Shop with them at, (800)221-1264. • If you're near an Air Force base, you can buy uniform garments (but not CAP insignia) at the Exchange or base thrift store.

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The Cadet is responsible for conservation of uniform clothing as prescribed in AR 700-84, Paragraph 9-3. Part II, Senior ROTC Program Chapter 2, The Cadet Uniform 2-1. General a. Each Cadet and each alien student authorized to participate in the Advanced Course may be furnished an issue or Cadet-type uniform as determined by Commander, U.S.

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ACP 23 – Notes for Guidance of Chaplains of the ATC. ACP 24 – Logistics Administrative Instructions. ACP 28 – Sport and Physical Recreation. ACP 30 – Rank and Distinguishing Badges Poster. ACP 31 – General Service Training. ACP 31 Volume 1 – The Air Training Corps. ACP 31 Volume 2 – The Royal Air Force.

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The dress and appearance of Officers and Cadets on all occasions will be such as to reflect credit to the Canadian Forces, The Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and 861 Silverfox Squadron. Items of the Cadet Uniform issued from Supply will not be worn in combination with civilian dress. C1A – Ceremonial Dress. C1A – Ceremonial Dress Air.

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ROYAL CANADIAN ARMY CADET UNIFORM AND REGULATIONS. IF YOU NEED UNIFORM PARTS click HERE for Measuring Instructions and HERE for a Uniform Measuring Record. You will need to email the Uniform Measuring Record to [email protected] in order to receive the uniform parts you need. If you are unable to scan and send the document, then just send a ...

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Uniform and Dress Regulations. All Cadets are expected to be familiar with the contents of, and comply with CATO 55-04 – Air Cadet Dress regulations. Examples of Cadet Orders of dress can be found on the squadron website under the section Cadet Resources.