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The Uniforms of the Russian Armed Forces refers to the extensive system of military uniforms, as inherited from the Soviet Armed Forces and modified across the years.. Traditionally, the uniforms of the Russian Armed Forces have been subdivided into parade, service dress, and field uniform roles, each with summer and winter variations, largely based …

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The UK Ministry of Defence recently showcased new equipment bought for the British Army including lasers weapons sights and lightweight binoculars. The kit is the latest addition to a long list of new personal equipment which has transformed the British soldier into a 21st century warrior. We take a look at some of the equipment which has been influenced by …

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An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms of the 19th Century: An Expert Guide to the American Civil War, the Boer War, the Wars of German and Italian Unification and the Colonial Wars [Smith, Digby, Kiley, Kevin F., Black, Jeremy] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Uniforms of the 19th Century: An …

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The uniforms of the United States Army distinguish soldiers from other service members.U.S. Army uniform designs have historically been influenced by British and French military traditions, as well as contemporary U.S. civilian fashion trends. The two primary uniforms of the modern U.S. Army are the Army Combat Uniform, used in operational environments, and the Army …

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Vintage Buttons. Silver Buttons. Vintage Labels. Buttonholes. Dating Buttons by Shank Style and Material. Here are two interesting guides to shanks. I'm actively looking for the sources so I can credit these. Stanley J. Olsen entitled "Dating Early Plain Buttons By Their Form", American Antiquity, Volume 28, Number 4, April 1963.

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The latter part of the 19th century is to be remembered as the beginning of the "New Navy", not only in the type of ships built, but also in a new concept of naval strategy needed to support a growing America and expanding world trade. The changes had a bearing on the dress of officers and men of the Navy. The long period of naval neglect which followed the Civil War ended …

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Imperial German Uniforms 1842 to 1918. Back to Kaiser's Bunker. In German, "Dunkelblau" not only refers to the color "dark blue" but also to all uniforms of any color worn prior to the introduction of the Feldgrau (Field grey) uniforms. This tradition stemmed from the necessity of dressing particular regiments and troops in colors, which would ...

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Military jackets have long been worn by non-military personnel for their aesthetic, symbolic, and functional qualities. In fact, military outerwear has historically dictated trends in civilian men's and women's clothing.The widespread imagery of soldiers in uniform popularized these garments, while the institutional focus on specific designs codified the style.

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Welcome to LoveAntiques.com where you will find a wide and varied selection of the highest quality genuine military antiques, from some of the most reputable and trusted militaria dealers from throughout Europe. You will find items from WW1 and WW2, as well as antique militaria for sale, dating back to the 18th century and older.

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military in the Federal period prior to 1810 as the eagle head became shortly thereafter. This weapon could either have been carried by one of the Masonic bretheren as a uniform sword or made for lodge use as a Tyler sword. The hilt is related in workmanship to similar hilts made by Connecticut silversmiths, active from 1800 to 1810.

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A: For the Civil War period, one of the best is American Military Equipage, 1851-1872 by Frederick P. Todd and others (Scribner). Schiffer Books has a growing number of volumes on 20th-century uniforms, including guides to insignia. …

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Group Portrait with Mozzaffar al-Din at Old Age, One of 274 Vintage Photographs, Albumen silver photograph, late 19th-early 20th century, Qajar, Qajar Period, 4 1/16 x 5 1/2 in., 10.3 x 13.9 cm, Azarbaijan, Iran, lampposts, military, Persia, Qajar, royalty, streetlight, uniforms

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Mar 18, 2019 - Explore Hung Huynh's board "Early 20th century military uniforms", followed by 333 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about military, military history, military art.

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Late-20th, Early 21st Century 1954-2006. The M16 Rifle was the initial version first adopted in 1964 by the United States Air Force. It was a lightweight, 5.56 mm …

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18th and 19th century (1800s) reproduction uniforms and clothing items including Federal, Regency, Romantic Era, Mexican War, Civil War, Victorian, Indian Wars and Span-Am War. Quality reproduction Civil War, Indian War, Spanish American uniforms. Secure on-line ordering.

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(Indeed, in the 20th century, tactics have been termed operational strategy.) Strategy is limited by what tactics are possible; given the size, training, and morale of forces, type and number of weapons available, terrain, weather, and quality and location of enemy forces, the tactics to be used are dependent on strategic considerations.

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20th Century Military Antiques, Military Collectibles and War Relics for sale. Major conflicts of the 20th century include World War One known as the Great War and World War Two.

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Early 20th Century Painting Guides Message Board. For discussion of the correct colors for WWI figures and equipment. There are 100 topics listed on this page. ... Survey of US Army Uniforms 1780's to 2006. 5. 03 Mar 2018 10:42 a.m. PST. 15mm WWI German AFV decals. 2. 08 Feb 2018 5:18 a.m. PST.

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During the early 20th century, the massive scale of the battle arena of World War I required a streamlined ranking system to avoid confusion. A War Department leaflet from 1905 laid out the new system, which included chevrons pointing up and introduced designated colors for each branch of the military. The U.S. Army insignia was simplified in ...

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An old Cameron, captured with much of the old 51st Highland Division at St. Valery in 1940, used to joke "Moskovitz, Schellenberg, O'Hara, Snodgrass, Goldberg, - A Company Cameron Highlanders reporting for duty, Sir." The Scots Guards and the Scots Greys both recruited from throughout Scotland.

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Scouting for Boys became one of the bestselling books of the 20th century. 1909 – The first Boy Scout rally, organised by Baden-Powell in Crystal Palace, South London, saw a number of attending. They were proclaiming to be Scouts and prompted the founder to include and young women into the Movement.

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The Canadian Army. Canada's traditional land force consists of around 123,00 regulars (full-time soldiers) plus another 17,000 in reserve (part-time) service. The oldest and largest branch of the Canadian armed forces, the army consists of 419 units, some of which trace their roots back to the old militia days.

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There was such a glut of military surplus clothing and gear in the United States during the 20th century you could practically throw a rock in any direction and hit an army surplus store. They were prolific and played a vital role in distributing an over-abundance of government-issued supplies that accumulated during the last century's wars.

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19th Century (1800s) Wardrobe including: military uniforms, Ladies, Mens and Childrens clothing of the Mexican War, Victorian era, American Civil War (Confederate & Union), Indian Wars, Old West & Spanish-American (Span-Am) War.

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Military uniforms of Spain (20th century)‎ (1 C, 15 F) Military uniforms of Spain (21st century)‎ (1 C, 22 F) A. Spanish Air Force uniforms‎ (1 C) Uniforms of the Spanish Army‎ (3 C, 4 F) M. Military headgear of Spain‎ (11 C, 3 F) Military uniforms of Spain by Vinkhuijzen collection‎ (11 C, 199 F) N.

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Any toy soldiers made before the 20th Century are referred to as 'ancients'. Boxed sets of nine can be worth anything from £1,000 to £8,000 depending on their condition. Some of Britain's most interesting figurines are the Egyptian Camel Corps or Indian Cavalry of 1896, which were part of their foreign military series.