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D178167 France 1949-1950 Nice selection of MNH stamps. $7.00. 5 bids. $3.00 shipping. Ending Thursday at 1:36AM PDT. 2d 12h.


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a French national symbol, with French definitive stamps

Note the stamps have "France" on the rather than the French term, "République française". ... was replaced by "Republique Française" in 1981 after the election of President François Mitterand. After ... The word 'fat' refers to the heavy letters used for the stamp's value.

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France stamp catalogue. Buy and sell stamps from France. Meet other stamp collectors interested in France stamps. ... No.50-52: Thin Value Numbers WM: None Sheetsize: 150 Design: Jacques Jean Barre Engraving: Jacques Jean Barre Perforation: 14 x 13½ ...

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A number of values had been issued: (no value) black, 3 c black, 7 1/2 c black on yellow, 7 1/2 c black, 15 c black on green, 15 c black, 30 c black on blue and 30 c black. It seems that forgeries of these stamps exist (I'm not sure if the above stamp is genuine). Similar fiscal stamps with inscription "ALLUMETTES" (=matches) exist.

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The rarest and valuable French stamps. Here is a constantly changing list of the most valuable French stamps and overprints with proofs of sale. 1. $23,100.00, France. May 2006, Cherrystone auction. 1859 10c Postage Due, original gum, Calves cert. (J1, . &;euro 32,500) $21,850.00. Fezzan 1943 Postage Dues, surcharged 5fr on 1L orange.

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Vintage Republique Francaise Stamp Art Illustration - France French Postes Postage Foreign Blue - Digital Image DigitaIDecades 5 out of 5 stars (942) $ 4.00. Add to Favorites French Style "Copper Foundry" vintage stamp LaserandLeatherCraft 5 out of 5 stars (152 ...

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The use of adhesive stamps in France began shortly after the revolution of 1848, which gave rise to the Second Republic and the election of Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte as its president (Napoléon III, as he would become known, became emperor of France in 1852). The first stamps released by the republic depicted the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres, with a cluster of grapes in …

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285 rare old postage stamps from France high value Republique Francaise. EUR 8,956.16. or Best Offer. Free international postage. from Macedonia. S ...

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Stamp Emission: Definitive Perforation: comb 14 x 13½ Printing: Typography Face value: 1.50 ₣ - French franc Print run: 577,590,000 Score: 5% Accuracy: Very High Description: Printed in sheets of 100 stamps. Exists imperforate. Buy Now: 17 sale offers from US$ 0.02

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285 rare old postage stamps from France high value Republique Francaise. C $12,681.50. or Best Offer. Free shipping. from Macedonia. D ...

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I'm pretty sure you'll see these stamps on this photostream on flickr :) thx! stampolina68. P.O.Box / Postfach 6. 3250 Wieselburg. Austria - Europe. * * * * * * * * *. stamp France 30 F Basket Ball basketball postes timbres postage poste timbre Republique Francaise bélyegek Franciaország pullar Fransa posta ücreti 30f Damga pulu selo ...

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REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE / Head left Coin value - <$1 . 10 francs 1958 (1950-1958) aluminum-bronze without mint mark 10 FRANCS 1958 / LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE / Rooster above laurel leaves REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE / Head left Coin value - <$1 . 5 francs 1946 (1945-1947) 1945, 1946, 1947


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Issues of 1876-1900. Type: Sage. Definitive French stamps, featuring a brand new design, were issued between 1876 and 1900. This new design, officially known as the Peace and Commerce Issue, features allegorical images of "Peace" and "Commerce" holding hands above a World globe. In the center of the stamp is a white rectangle containing the value.

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France; France's first stamps appeared in 1849. Their design was the famous portrait of Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture. When President Louis Napoleon (nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte) seized power and became Emperor, his portrait replaced Ceres'. Ceres, as well as Marianne, symbol of the French Republic from the time of the Revolution ...

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In 1889 French Gabon was included into the French Congo, which was called the Middle Congo [franc. Moyen-Congo]. In 1910, the two countries became part of the French Equatorial Africa [Afrique Equatorial française] along with two other French colonies (Chad and Ubangi-Chari). Federation survived until 1959. And in 1960 the two countries gained independence from …

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1d 13h. FRANCE, EMPIRE NAPOLEON 20c & 40c VALUE, LOT OF 32 USED STAMPS. #M364. $4.99. 1 bid. $3.00 shipping. Ending Tuesday at 3:26PM PDT. 1d 14h. FRANCE 1869, EMPIRE NAPOLEON TOP 5 Fr VALUE, UM/NH FORGERY STAMP.

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(Chalon forgery left, genuine stamp right) The Chalon forgery has the perforation in the corners different (it doesn't 'match'). The finer details are lost in this forgery. The 'O' of 'POSTE' is more oval than in the genuine stamps. The dots before and after 'REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE' are full and not hollow as in the genuine stamps.

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French Stamps. Collecting French stamps has always been very popular with stamp collectors all over the World. France, with over 2,000 years of recorded history, has had more influence on Western culture than practically any other country. And, much of that history has been commemorated on their postage stamps over the past two centuries.

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Worth - France 1 franc 1960-2001 in the coin catalog at - International Catalog of World Coins.

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EBS France 1948 - Centenary of the Revolution of 1848 - YT 795-802 MNH** cv $37. AU $10.95. AU $1.60 postage.

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Stamp Republique Francaise 50 cent. Prince : $500. Posted by Admin at 3:02 AM. Labels: 50 cent, Republique Francaise.

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Face value: 50 French centime Score: 15% Accuracy: Very High Description: Printed in sheets of 150 stamps Type I: - type with a point in the cap, - the loops of the two "R" are identical, - the inner triangles of the "A" of "FRANCAISE" are identical, - the loops of the "B" of "REPUBLIQUE" are about equal Exists according to the Yvert catalog:

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Rare French stamp 25c Republique Francaise 1903. $8.92. $26.22 shipping. or Best Offer. FRENCH MAIL IN EGYPT: Registered Sample of no value to …

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Green Ceres Stamp Price Realized: $17,250 This beautiful green 15-centimes stamp was also sold with Cherrystone. They offered it at their event in March 2007. The piece belongs to the series of 1849-1850 stamps. The lot is a beautiful green stamp with original gum.

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For instance, instead of flag 34c searching for flag 34c USA united we stand 2001 will help you to find the desirable stamp quicker. Step 1. Make a right photo of your stamp. Step 2. Upload the stamp photo. Step 2. Crop your image. Step 3. Crop your image as smooth as possible.

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FRANCE STAMPS France stamps – The first French mail service was set up on 19 th June 1464 by decree of Louis XI, however only operated for king and royal court. The first France stamps were the 20 centimes black and 1 franc orange-vermilion issued on 1 st January 1849. They were one of the original signatories of the UPU in 1874. On 1 st 1899, following the …

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PA24-27 Cities of France, very fresh lightly mounted mint 70€ Price:£35 . PA30-33 Air set of 1954. Very fine and fresh unmounted mint. 350€ Price:£150 . Taxe 7. very fine lightly mounted mint. 385€ Price: £120. Taxe 9, a good clean used copy, but one margin is cut into the stamp. 130€ Price:£30

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This is a page of Stampedia Whole Earth Stamp Catalogue which contains 119,450 kinds of stamp images issued by 188 Postal Authorities in 37 countries. FRANCE 1927 Commemorative Stamps 90 centimes, | Marcelin Berthelot Marcelin …

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