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Rehabmart offers a wide selection of superior quality protective helmets for children and adults. This special headgear helps to protect individuals from impact or injury to the head and come in a variety of styles and configurations to suit unique and special needs, from baby helmets to seizure helmets.

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1. Uvex Bionic Face Shield. One amazing product that tops the list of many who are shopping for dependable face safety shield is the Uvex Bionic Face Shield. I find pleasure in say that this specific safety shield for the face satisfies the demands of …

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We create many fully custom designs. You may give us creative freedom to make something special or we can make a custom design with an exact design specification. We can do one-off shields or an entire department custom design. A $15 …

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Once secured, they made putting on and taking off a cloth mask very easy. The 3D printed top part of a face shield, with a clear plastic visor added. Dan Ackerman/CNET

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Prices are around $900 for customization. We can also provide the helmet (in a variety of brands to chose from). Be cool in the cold. Request a custom design. Brain (Ski / Snowboard Helmet) SOLD OUT - $195.00. Wood (Ski / Snowboard Helmet) SOLD OUT - $245.00. UFO (Ski / Snowboard Helmet) SOLD OUT - $195.00. Retro Stripes (Winter Helmet) SOLD ...

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HELMET TEMPLATES Base to download 👇

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Off-road riders and street riders who don't wear a helmet with a full face shield know the importance of having the right eyewear. We hear you, that's why our digital shelves are stocked with a huge selection of goggles and glasses with clear and tinted lenses, all designed specifically for motorcycle riders.

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There are several face shields made from solid polycarbonate shield. These include; sanitary masks, UV shields, bionic shields, ballistic shields, riot shields and medical shields. · Helmet Visors. Helmet visors are a kind of helmet with transparent visors at the eye area. Most helmet visors on the market are injection molded polycarbonate sheet.

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Full face helmets provide the maximum amount of protection for your noggin when riding a motorcycle. It's no wonder that track day enthusiasts and professional racers only use full face helmets. These are the best full face motorcycle helmets for use when commuting to work, touring in the country and riding on the track. Product. Name.

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Helmets. Hard shell and soft shell helmets offer protection for individuals with seizure activity, head banging or protection from traumatic brain injury. To determine the best type of protective helmet, begin by thinking about your child's seizure behaviors. If your child falls forward, a helmet with a face guard, face bar, or visor is needed.

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This welding face shield also fits over your glasses. But it is not auto lens the lens size is 2 × 4 x 1/4 In. Do you know where is it made? The welding head cover made in China. This welding hood is designed to protect head, eyes, and neck from heat, spark. Due to the above features we have placed this welding face shield at the top of our list.

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The Bell Star custom helmet has one thing no other helmet has: it fits like it was custom made. Because it was! It also includes all of the features of the standard Bell Star, including the outstanding ventilation system, the Transitions photochromic face shield, the excellent storage/carry bag and the super-stiff shell with Snell M2015 ...

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Detroit Shields is dedicated to making a quality custom shield. As Firefighters our helmets and shields say a lot about us. They can tell a story about where a Firefighter has been and what they have done. Other Firefighters can look at a helmet and read it like a open book.

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Check out our cold weather fleece add ons to shield your face from the snow or cold weather. We even make headbands which are very popular with the marathons and running events we work with. Fill out the quote request below or give our team a call right now at (888) 831-9344.

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A custom-made helmet will protect your head and face from the sun, especially when you are riding over a long distance. d) Bug Protection Similarly, the more customized your helmet, the easier it will be for you to keep the bugs out of your way.

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This video shows you how to remove scratches from motocycle helmet face sheild. This method works well even the face sheild have so many scratches. The helme...

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The Helmet Giant is the leader in custom football helmets and visors. Design your own visor and make your ordinary helmet, extraordinary!

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NIJ IIIA Face Shield Bulletproof Helmet Visor for PASGT, MICH, FAST, ACH Ballistic Helmets —. Regular price. $299. Providing our customers with a bulletproof mask with complete face armor protection was no simple task. But, we've accomplished just that — here are multiple tactical face masks and face guards that can take multiple rounds ...

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Custom Decals ». Flex Badges ». Custom Turnout Gear and Mask Bags ». Firefighter Custom Collar Brass ». Custom Brim Trim ». Firefighter Embroidery ». Custom License Plates ». Custom Gold Leaf Shields ». Custom Silver Leaf Shields ».

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Most off road guys do not know how to use tear offs properly. Here are a few tricks I have learned over the years. 1. When installing the tear offs on your shield, make sure the posts are adjusted so that you have to stretch the tear offs to get them on. If you do this, nothing will get between the shield and the first tear off. 2.

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You need to sand the entire helmet using a heavy-grit paper of 400. Sanding the helmet will even out the surface and dull the finish. Making it dull gives the paint a surface it can stick too- if it's shiny the paint won't adhere. Once it's sanded wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove the majority of the dust.

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Best Vintage Full Face Motorcycle Helmets . A vintage full-face motorcycle helmet is a guarantee of full protection. Covering your face, chin, neck, and head, these helmets keep you safe from sun, wind, dust, noise, rain, and everything else. And with the added vintage charm, you are set to look and feel your best.

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Got the helmet in the mail to find out it is a custom made product, and not made well. All the color is hand painted on, where you can see smudges in the wrong place or places missing coloring. The visor had paint on it. Not a good value, although I did not find anywhere else to get an adult sized astronaut helmet

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Great for end of year awards and gifts, to commemorate a team or to collect the helmet of your favorite team. Take your team's current football helmet decal look and turn them into a custom mini helmet. Our helmet decals are subsurface printed on clear 20mil thick vinyl.

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Well, the face shield of this helmet is shaped differently than your everyday street helmet. It's curved in the middle to blend with the shape of an off-road helmet. And for this helmet shape, you get a wider and bigger viewport, which helps a lot, even on a street ride. Also, the visor locking mechanism also seems just fine, locks in, and ...

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Special Instructions. Leave RGB color values or special instructions to further customize your shield. 300 characters remaining. Custom Helmet Shield quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 0001 Categories: All, Helmet Shields. Description. Additional …

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The removable facemasks off of the Bell Rogue Helmet and the Shark Raw Helmet are easy to customize with a little creativity and some paint. Summing it up. With a face mask you are able to beat back those bat-sized June bugs in the early summer.

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Black Smoke Shields: Custom leather fire helmet shields, and original apparel for the fire service.

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Face Shield. Approved by professionals, made for families. Our face shield offers full-face protection — covering the eyes, nose and mouth — while offering the wearer a lightweight, comfortable, reusable and durable protection that is suitable for on the job or on the go. Leading US Manufacturer of Face Shields.

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Custom Fire Helmet Shields and Fronts add a touch of personalization to the company's fire helmets with millions of possible configurations. View Part Numbers Customized Leather Fronts, Shields and accountability patches available in both Standard and Passport configurations.

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FULL FACE DESIGN: Unlike open or half face helmets, this full face helmets is incomparably better in protecting your head in case of an accident. Plus, it features an adjustable locking chain for secure fit. TOP NOTCH QUALITY: Made of strong fiberglass that stands out for its quality and durability, rest assured that this helmet will shield ...


After years of staring at the massive price tags on full size replica helmets I finally decided to take things into my own hands and start my own custom collection. Starting off I had no idea what i was doing. I just bought a helmet and some decals on Ebay, went to the hardware store and picked out some paint and I've never looked back.

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2. Add Items to make a Custom Shield. In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3x3 crafting grid. To make a custom shield, place 1 shield and 1 banner in the 3x3 crafting grid. When making a custom shield, it is important that the shield and banner are placed in the exact pattern as the image below.